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This is an open hardware probe for the Serial Wire Debug (SWD) and JTAG protocols. It utilizes an RP2040 MCU which has an USB 2.0 full-speed PHY (12Mbps).

The probe enumerates as a CMSIS-DAP v1 and v2 capable probe. All the source for the HW and the FW is open source and on .


  • Included in the package is

    • 1 rusty-probe
    • 2 ribbon cables
  • The programming connector is the Tag Connect TC2030, however for just updating firmware the USB bootloader is recommended.

  • It has a USB-C connector.
  • Castellated vias for all programming pins, power and 2 GPIOs.
  • Fully open source hardware/software.
  • Programmed in the Rust programming language.
  • Officially supported in as a reference probe.

VAT is not included in the price.
Lead time is a couple weeks - we are manufacturing currently.